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One Year of Prep - Day Five

Good Evening Peeps,

Wow, has it been five days already? I kind of had a rough weekend you guys. I have been eating everything in sight. I had an extremely boring weekend, and apparently that's all I can think to do. :-(

I didn't have much going on this weekend; I had a meeting yesterday morning which didn't last very long. And the remainder of the day I laid in bed watching television and eating. Who does that!?! Oh, I do.. That's who!

I had great intentions, I just didn't follow through. So, losing weight is one of my goals this year. I would like to lose about 70lbs. So starting tomorrow, I am making a commitment to myself, all of you, and God to only eat when I am physically hungry.

If I don't get this eating thing under control now, I am going to be 300lbs before I know it. No offense to anyone reading this, and weighs that much. But for me and my life, the life God called me to live - being that big is a no go.

I actually want to be skinny. About 135lbs…
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One Year of Prep - Day One

Good Evening Loves!

Okay, so I know this is like number 500 times that I have changed the name of this blog... LOL!! I know - I know... But that's the cool thing about blogs, you can change it up!

So how is everyone? I pray all is well. I'm doing pretty well; my son is out of town for the summer with his father, so that has been amazing. Not having to cook, or clean up after anyone but myself! Yes, thank You Jesus for fathers!

So, a few years ago I felt like the Lord wanted me to take some time off of the dating scene. Like, I needed to spend some time working on me. Well, needless to say I was disobedient, and never stopped dating.

They weren't sexual relationships, but if I didn't want to go to the movies alone, I would call someone up. If I got invited to dinner, I would go. And I never took that time off to really learn to enjoy me. So here we are in 2013, and I feel a strong urge in my spirit again to take time away from dating. And this time I am going …

Why Do We Settle for Less...

My Unusual Life follower wrote this:

"I live in quiet desperation every day of my life. Wishing that I could be rescued from this misery I call life. If feels like no one understands me. Not my family, not my friends, not anyone.

I feel like I am trapped in my life, and I can't break free. I have dreams and aspirations, and they all feel like they are ten thousand miles away. I just don't know what to do. I'm currently in a relationship that is far beneath what I deserve, but yet I can't live without him. And it doesn't really matter, because if it wasn't him, it would be someone else.

It's been that way my entire life. Giving all of myself to a man, and getting nothing in return. Giving my body, giving my time, and anything else that is asked of me. At the end of the relationship, when all of my sacrifice has gone unappreciated, I am left with another injury to my soul.

Same story... Different man... Who's Next!?! Who can draw me even further aw…

Breaking-Up Isn't Easy... But the Pain Won't Last Always

Happy New Year!! I pray everyone is having a great 2013 so far!

I was inspired to write this blog, as I was speaking to a friend this morning that is going through a break-up. And the break up is a little rough on her right now. So, I wanted to write this blog to encourage someone else, that may be going through a break-up... And to let you know that it isn't easy.. But the pain won't last always!

I remember breaking up with my ex, and thinking it was the hardest thing I would ever have to do. Which is actually the reason I stayed for almost two years. Even through the disrespect, even through the lonely nights when he was out with his "boys", or out with other "girls"... And I knew I needed to leave, but I thought the pain of leaving him was going to be too unbearable, and I didn't want to deal with the "lost" of losing him.

So I stayed.. I settled for less then God's best for my life.. I settled for a life I never wanted to live, all bec…

The Pain of Losing Someone You Love....

Good Evening All, let me start off by saying I missed you guys so much! I have been ill the last couple of weeks, and when I am sick.. It's just not a good look. :-)

I was speaking with a girlfriend the other day, and she was talking about the guy she was with, and she met his new woman. How hard is that? The person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, introduces you to the new woman.

You think about the promises he made to her, and the long talks, and the visits, and all while he was seeing this other woman... And now you get to meet her. Sure, it's easy to say just get over it.. But how many of us can really just get over something like that so easily?

I had my heart ripped out of my chest with the last guy I was "with". So, I know a little bit about this pain thing. And how much it hurts. He decided one day that he liked someone else, and didn't want to be with me. And to add to that, in order to be with the new person, he couldn'…

Why Do Skinny Women Get More Respect...

Okay, let me first start off by saying, I do not think like Monique. I love skinny women. I aspire to be skinny again one day. Who am I kidding, I wasn't skinny... LOL! I was a size 8, and that was comfortable to me. And being a size 14 now, I would pay good money to be a size 8 again. I would probably commit a crime, to be a size 8 again. Kidding, I wouldn't commit a crime.. Or would I.. Hmmmmm :)

Anywho, what brought this on was, my calendar is getting super busy... I'm being pulled into more, and doing more with my business. And my first thought was "I need to drop 50lbs immediately!". What brought that thought on!?! I'll tell you what, I know that smaller women are more respected. People look at skinny women differently in the corporate world.

And, I work to hard, not to be respected. There is more to me than my size, but I don't want people to tune me out, before I even get started. Now, I am secure in myself... Let's NOT get that t…