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How is Your Financial Thought Life?

My Unusual Life is not a blog that just focuses on relationships. I believe that this blog will help us all to be whole in every area of our lives.

I am re posting a blog from 3 years ago, that really touched and helped people. It relates to our thoughts, faith, and our finances.

 Successfully getting out of debt and getting your finances in order is going to depend on how you think. The Word of God says "As a man think, so is he."
Proverbs 23:7

So how are you thinking? Are you thinking "I'm always going to be broke, I'll always live paycheck to paycheck." Here's a good one that I've heard a time or two "I'll never have enough money to save." Well, if that is the way you are thinking, that will be the way you will always be living.

We have to get our faith in the right place, for the word says "The just shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17) If you don't believe you will ever have anything, or be anything, then it will happen according to YOUR FAITH. God wants to do a major work in the lives of His people, but if we don't have the faith to receive it, then we limit the things He can do in our lives.

He wants you out of debt, His word clearly states that He desires for you to owe no man anything. (Romans 13:8) So, if you understand His word, you understand that He is able to get you out of debt, because it is His will for you to be debt free.

However, you must know that there is a "how to" part to this. How do you get the things God has for you? How do you grab hold to His promises for your life? You do all of that by Faith. Where does faith come from? It comes from our foundational scripture "As a man think, so is he." Faith is formed in your thoughts, your belief in something. This brings me back to the topic of this post "How is Your Thought Life?"

Here are a few of quick tips to help you successfully get out of debt, and get your finances in order:
  • Get a scripture or two to stand on.
* Owe nothing to anyone-except for your obligation to love one another. Romans 13:8
* Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 2
  • Start where you find yourself.
* Write out your debts, every single one of them. You have to know where you stand. If you can't deal with where you are now, you'll never go any further.
  • Follow the lead and guide of the Holy Spirit.
* The word says that the Holy Spirit is our Advocate, and He will teach us everything. John 14:26
Begin to believe God to go further, get your faith confessions out, and ask Him for help. And He will answer!


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