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A Letter to Daddy's Girl...

I felt led to share this with you all.... This is a letter from my Heavenly Father to me, and I believe that He feels this way about all His daughters...

"Dear Baby, My Sweet Beautiful Baby. I love you more than words could ever say. I think about you all the time, I  watch you while you're sleeping. Wanting to play in your hair, or blow you sweet kisses. Waiting for you to awake, so I can hear your squeaky  little voice. lol! I have known you since the foundation of the world. I created you, I knit you together. You are MINE! And I don't take that lightly.

Which is why I am so careful to take good care of you. My Word tells you that I will never leave you, no forsake you. I will be with you to the end of time. I will NEVER let you go! You just don't know how much you mean to Me. Oh, how I long for you to know, how much, I love you. Oh, I desire to give you everything your heart desires. As I have placed those desires within you.

Please stop giving your heart away. You give so much of yourself away to these men, that just want to use and abuse you. These men, that don't care about you... These men that don't know what you need, who you are, the dreams I placed on the inside of you. They want what they want, and then they move on to the next... Without even realizing the scar they left on your heart.

The heart I paid a high price for. You sit by the phone day in and day out, hoping to get a call or text from them... Are you not more important then receiving a "text", especially a text from someone that while you are waiting for them, they are "texting" someone else.

Baby, My Sweet Beautiful Baby! I would trade the world for you, and you sit around waiting for a text message. Come to Me, spend time with Me.. Love Me, think about Me. I am the perfect Gentleman, and I will never leave you waiting to hear from Me. As a matter of fact, I want to talk to you all day, and all night. I never get enough of you! I never get enough of you! I NEVER get enough of you!!

You make Me smile, I talk about you all the time! I created you fearfully, and wonderfully. To try and be someone else, is an insult to My creation. I knew exactly what I was doing when I made you. And I have someone in mind that is created just for you! Someone that will like and love you, just the way you are. Don't allow the rejection from others weigh you down... When all I want to do is lift you up!

Being unusual is your personal brand.. I created you as such.. Walk in your uniqueness.. Your quirkiness.. The cute little things that make you... You!

Build yourself up, be the Standard! And then go on to build others up. You have this.. And I have you.. My Baby, My Sweet Beautiful Baby!

Daddy loves you.. Now, and forever more!" 

This was not just for me, some of what was said was actually for others. Women are hurting all around the world. Their looking for something... Something that only God can give them. Ladies, lets rise up, and be the women God declared us to be. He wants more for His daughters than what we are getting. He desires more, much more for us. Will you go out and get ALL that He has for you? I know I will! Rise Up Ladies.. Daddy's Girls!

Be Good.. Live Life.. And Above all else... Be Unusual!


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