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Is Your Man Worth Losing Everything....

Good Evening You Guys,

It's been a while, I know.. But I have been mad busy.. Did you miss me and my unusual life?? I missed you all!

So, this blog is a little different. I asked a friend of mine if I could share her story for tonight's blog. She gave me her permission, because she wants to help anyone that is reading this, and may be going through the same thing. I will not use her name, to protect her privacy. But, here we go...

My friend "Leslie" has been involved in a relationship with a man for a little over a year. She knew this relationship wasn't God's plan for her life when she got involved. But she didn't expect the relationship to get this deep. It's not really a relationship to be honest, "Leslie" is wishing for more, and he is playing the field. She knows that God is not pleased with this relationship, but what can she do.. She feels like she is in to deep.

Fast forward a year and some change later "Leslie" loses her job. Actually, a good job making good money. She knew at that time, that she had to let him go, but she still felt it was too hard. She was really into him emotionally... Again, he is doing his own thing, and has repeatedly told her, that he was not interested in a serious relationship with her.

So, she finds herself unemployed, and then a short few months later she finds herself homeless, as she is not able to keep up the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to, do to the job loss. Deep in debt, and sinking further and further into a pit of despair. And as she sat in her hotel room, washing dishes in her little kitchenet space, in the middle of her hopelessness the Lord spoke to her. And this is what He said "This time last year, I warned you that if you didn't leave "George" (not his name either, but you guys know why.. Protecting their privacy) alone, it was going to get real ugly for both of you!

You see God told "Leslie" in October of 2011, that if she didn't leave this "George" thing alone, it was going to get ugly for both of them. Now, I don't know what his "ugly" looks like. But, I know her ugly is being homeless, living out of a suit case, all of her belongs in storage, working temp jobs, gaining weight, (sorry baby girl, you are getting a little plump... It's okay though, I will love you fat or skinny!), deep and debt, and depressed. That's her ugly!! And is he worth it!?! Heck NO!! No man or woman, is worth losing EVERYTHING!!! Especially, one that is not yours!!

How does that look, you losing everything behind a man, that is not even your man!! That is crazy! ("Leslie", I love you... Don't get mad, we talked about all of this before.) No man is worth it... Period!

Now, did God bring all of those things on my friend's life? Absolutely NOT!! She brought it on herself, and if you were to ask her, she would tell you. She was walking in disobedience. And when we walk in disobedience, we open ourselves up to the enemy. God warned her a year ago, when she was living the "high" life, of what would happen to her, if she didn't let this thing go. Friends, tried to talk to her, the guy even told her to let it go... But, she being the strong minded person that she is.. Wouldn't budge.. Even as much as she knew it was costing her.. She just couldn't let him go!! "George" doesn't even know what she is dealing with right now, and I am sure even if he did know... He wouldn't do anything about it. I'm almost certain he wouldn't invite her to come stay with him. Well, I'm not certain.. But, I don't believe he would..

You see, God will warn us of things to come... And it is up to us to heed His warning. If she would have just listened to God, she wouldn't be in the predicament that she is currently in. And, I believe that is the biggest thing she wants to get across to people. Heed God's instructions.. Follow His guidance, He has good things for you.. Not bad.. Good things.. And its all up to you to receive those things that He has for you!

Now, to my friend "Leslie". Babe, I love you to the end of times. And I know you are going through a rough spot right now, but God can and will restore you! I believe God is going to give you better than what you had.. You just have to be obedient to His Will.. The thing I love about God, is even in our disobedience, he is still merciful to us, and His love covers a multitude of sins. Repent NOW!! And don't just repent, but mean it.. And turn away from that relationship. It's not worth it, he's not worth it. You are a beautiful young woman, and you have soooooo much going for you. Keep your head up boo, I know it's hard.. But God's got you! I love you... And I am here for you no matter what! Muah!


  1. Wow, this story really hits home. I have had a "friend" for a year this Sept. And he still wants to be only "friends", I should have been let him go. Now I really do have to take heed!!! It is crushing my spirit.

  2. Kel, that was an AWESOME message! Hits home in so many ways. I was laid off from my job a few months ago and have been digging deep to find out my own le sson in being obedient. it may not be a man but there are other things to work on i'm ceetain. Thanks for sharing! Love you!

  3. Yes boo! It's not worth.. Not if you want more, and he doesn't.. You deserve someone that loves and wants you! Not someone that says "I just want to be friends".. but will sleep with you any chance he gets. You are now giving him no reason for you making you anything more than just a friend.. Trust me.. I know.. And it's not worth it to keep giving yourself to someone, that is not fully giving himself to you in return.. You are pretty, you own your own home, your own car, a good job, and no kids, and as smart as a whip!! You are a freaking catch.. Don't continue to allow anyone to put you in the "just friends" category.. Especially, if you are sleeping with him. He's had more than enough time to realize if he wanted more with you!

  4. Yes, and that's the case, I have been sleeping wit him in hopes of him changing. This is going to be hard for me to do but it's been months of me saying I have to let him go. It's time now, I've been hurting my own self this whole time by sticking around. I'm done!!! Thanks so much for your blogs!!! I really take heed to your opinions. It's time for a change.

  5. Trust me, I found myself in a very similar situation.. For over a year.. And nothing changed. I got deeped and deeper, and it felt like I couldn't get out... But the longer I stayed, the more I hurt. Trust me, that man knows you have it going on.. But, if you don't require more.. he's NOT going to give you more! Why would he give you more, if you already settle for less? It was hard letting my guy go, because I loved him, slept with him, prayed for him, hoped to marry him for over a year.. But I had to make a decision to love myself more!! It will be hard.. Yes, but it's harder to stay.. I promise you that!! Be good to yourself.. Let the next man that gets your precious "cookie" be your husband.. Because atleast he would have paid the price to get your precious "cookie..

  6. Thank you so so much for your insight. I have been feeling a certain kind of way now at my age and my life. I have to stand my ground, I deserve more!! Boy I tell you, my heart has been hurting to long. And those men have been the problem.

  7. Yes! And how do we expect to get the awesome men God has for us, if we are still laying under boys.. That's says "we're just friends"! Pain comes with making wrongs choices. Again, I know that one from experience. :-)


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