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Letting Go... Why is it soooo Hard

Okay, so I am sitting here thinking of somethings, and people I need to let go of, in order to move to the next level in life. And I'm trying to understand why it is so hard to do.

What makes it so difficult to let things go? Let's start off with me needing to let go of some of my bad eating habits. I know darn well, that I have to start eating better so that I can lose this weight. I don't mind working out, I can go to the gym at any time, and no real issue with doing it. But when it comes to letting go of the fast food, and junk food.... It seems so hard to do.

I know the benefits of eating right... Longer life, healthier, lighter leaner body.. But, nope.. Not Kellee.. Instead, "pass the potato chips please", or "can I have another cupcake please". It's so ridiculous!

Or whycome (I know that is not a word, I just wanted to use it..  lol). Whycome, it's an issue to let go of toxic relationships? People who are in my life, and add nothing but hurt in pain... You know the people that constantly pull on you, but never have anything to give back to you. Or those relationships that are hanging on by a string, that broke long ago, but you continue to try to do "patch" work on that string...

Hanging on to toxic relationships, is like drinking poison, and dying a slow death! 

What does it take to let go?? Courage! That's what it takes.. It takes Courage! Courage to stand up for my right to be happy. Courage to stand up for my right not to settle. Not to settle at a weight I hate to be, not to settle for people that mean me no good, (family and friends alike). Not to settle for a life that I'm not supposed to live. 

Merriam-Webster defines courage as: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. I wonder if I have the courage to walk away from all the things in people in my life that are weighing me down. 

Can I even walk away from my own self, my own desires?  Those desires for the wrong foods, wrong people, wrong things? No matter the pain, I have to let go of those things in my life that is hindering me.. I may have to cry my way through, I may have to be very uncomfortable for a period of time, my flesh may try to defeat me... But, what's on the other side of "letting go"? What's on the other side of the pain? What's on the other side of the tears? FREEDOM!! That's what... FREEDOM!!

Who ever said life would be completely easy, but why make it even harder, by holding on to toxic things? If I have to, I will cry, scream, throw a fit, whatever I have to do... But I will Let Go of those things that are hurting my progress! I have to do it! There is NO other way.. Right!?! I mean who wants  to live with regret? Who wants to live holding on to things that is causing them a slow death? Not me!  I am going to live my life that Jesus died for me to live it... Abundantly!!

  I believe I have the courage to do all things! And starting at this very moment, I am going to put my courage to the test... Stay tuned... And if there are somethings, or people you need to let go of... DO IT!!

Be Good.. Live Life.. And Above all else... Be Unusual!


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