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Why I'm Not Married... The Realist I Will Ever Be

Welcome to my Unusual Life.... This is about to be the realist blog I have ever written.

I just walked in the door a little bit ago, sat down on the sofa with a bag of Tostitos and some Pineapple Peach Salsa. I logged on to Facebook, and immediately saw a post that caught my attention.

It was entitled "Desperation Settles".... The title speaks for itself...

And it made me think of my own life, made me wonder why I am still single... All of these years I didn't realize that I wasn't "wife" material, atleast not for the type of man I want to marry. And then I wondered why I wasn't wife material, what was I lacking? So, here we go... I am about to dig into somethings, and say somethings that many have never heard from me before, but I pray it blesses you.

The reason why I am not married is because I always gave up the booty! After the first date, no date, date after I paid, 5th date, it didn't matter! I always had sex with men, and they never had to put forth much effort. And I gave them a piece of me! A piece of something that should have been so precious to me, I just gave it away like it was nothing!

You see, I started off young, I believe I was 14 years old when I first started having sex. And it wasn't with little boys, it was young men. That's all I knew! I thought I was ugly, and that the only thing I had to offer was my body. Even though I didn't feel pretty, I knew I had a nice body, and that was good enough. It kept all the guys that knew me wanting me.... And I thrived off of their lust for me. And again, they didn't have to do much to get me.

As I got a little older, I started requiring more, but not much! And the only reason I started requiring more is because I looked a little better, and felt a little more confident. But I still didn't feel worthy of a good relationship. So I settled, I settled for what I could get. I dated married men, I dated men with girlfriends (Don't worry ladies, that is not who I am anymore, so you don't have to watch your man around me! LOL). I dated men that told me that they just wanted to be friends, but they still wanted to get into my underwear (Well, those were the men that I was dating, but they weren't dating me. How sad!)... And I let them!

That's why I am not married. I had absolutely NO standards for myself! I was like a hungry dog, I took whatever scraps were thrown at me, and had a nerve to be grateful for the scraps... Smh!

Ladies, we have to STOP being so dang on desperate for these men. We deserve more than scraps! So what if we have to be alone for a season. Isn't it better, than giving someone your precious jewels? Isn't being alone for a season, better than giving up the booty, and getting noting in return? Their is a couple short passages in the Bible that I want to share with you.

On every street corner you defiled your beauty, offering your body to every passerby in an endless stream of prostitution. (Ezekiel 16:25) God says, that we are like prostitutes, offering our bodies to every passerby... WOW!! You better watch it, the next time you go pass a prostitute, and turn your nose up at her.   

Here is another one:

In fact, you have been worse than a prostitute, so eager for sin that you have not even demanded payment. (Ezekiel 16:31b) Triple WOW!!! Some of us, are worst than prostitutes, because at least they get payment for their services, we get nothing but a broken heart..

Ladies, it is time for a change! Write your standards out and stick to them, and give God room to send you the man of God that He has for you!! It's okay to be alone for a season.. Consider that time alone as times of "preparation". Get your credit in order, lose some weight, get some money in the bank, build your relationship with the Lord, start a business, go back to school, build your personal brand! Before Esther married the king, she went through 12 months of preparation, before she was even ready to meet him. Set you some standards, and by all means.... Get PREPARED!!

Be Good.. Live Life.. And Above all else... Be Unusual!

** Scriptures are from New Living Translation 


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