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Girl, Get Your Tail Out of Debt!

Okay, people are going to probably think I am “on one” today... And I probably am! LOL! So, what I don’t care!  Hahaha

Okay, truth is... I do care, which is why I am writing this blog today. Ladies, my sweet precious ladies. We have to get it together. I see so many of us walking around trying to catch a man. First off, who told you that you had to “catch” anything? Didn’t God say that “he, that finds a wife, finds a good thing”? You don’t have to go and “catch” anything… Mess around and catch something you can’t throw back. (Real Talk)!

Okay, don’t get me started on that (Kellee stay focused)!  Lol! I am writing today, because I see a lot of women buying the most expensive weaves, wearing the nicest clothes, sporting the nicest handbags, stepping in the nicest shoes, and driving the hottest rides… But their credit is shot! You hear me… SHOT!  

So, help me to understand this… You get the man, because he is so attracted to your outer appearance, and what he thinks you have. And then when he looks past that, and wants to see what else you have to offer… Than what!?! What happens when he finds out that you are financially bankrupt? What happens when he finds out you can’t even purchase a Happy Meal from McDonalds on your credit? What happens then?
Women, have these high standards of what we want in a man. “He has to be fine; he has to have a good job, good credit, own his own home”. But, a lot if not most of us, don’t possess what we are looking for in a man. But, here we are on the hunt, on the prowl, every weekend shaking it up in the club, looking for our next “boo”. 

(Now let me put this out there… The only reason I use the word “we”, is because I am not trying to judge anyone… Because “you” used to be “me”! And that was my way of thinking as well. So I can relate)

Ladies, a lot of us are just too dang old to continue to live life like this. We MUST get our tails out of Debt! The bible says that “the borrower is servant to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7). I can hear you now “Oh, no! I am not anybody’s servant!” Yes, boo boo... Sorry, but you are!

Anytime you are robbing Peter to pay Paul, living paycheck to paycheck, and ducking and dodging your creditors…. You are a servant to your lender!  I know it’s a hard truth, but it is what it is. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a season off of being “The”, get your credit in order, and get some revenue saved up in the bank… And then you will really be “The BOMB.COM”!! 

I love you ladies, and I desire for us all to be fabulous, and debt free, not owing any man anything, but love!

Be Good… Live Life… And above all else… Be Unusual!


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