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The Pain of Losing Someone You Love....

Good Evening All, let me start off by saying I missed you guys so much! I have been ill the last couple of weeks, and when I am sick.. It's just not a good look. :-)

I was speaking with a girlfriend the other day, and she was talking about the guy she was with, and she met his new woman. How hard is that? The person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, introduces you to the new woman.

You think about the promises he made to her, and the long talks, and the visits, and all while he was seeing this other woman... And now you get to meet her. Sure, it's easy to say just get over it.. But how many of us can really just get over something like that so easily?

I had my heart ripped out of my chest with the last guy I was "with". So, I know a little bit about this pain thing. And how much it hurts. He decided one day that he liked someone else, and didn't want to be with me. And to add to that, in order to be with the new person, he couldn'…