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Breaking-Up Isn't Easy... But the Pain Won't Last Always

Happy New Year!! I pray everyone is having a great 2013 so far!

I was inspired to write this blog, as I was speaking to a friend this morning that is going through a break-up. And the break up is a little rough on her right now. So, I wanted to write this blog to encourage someone else, that may be going through a break-up... And to let you know that it isn't easy.. But the pain won't last always!

I remember breaking up with my ex, and thinking it was the hardest thing I would ever have to do. Which is actually the reason I stayed for almost two years. Even through the disrespect, even through the lonely nights when he was out with his "boys", or out with other "girls"... And I knew I needed to leave, but I thought the pain of leaving him was going to be too unbearable, and I didn't want to deal with the "lost" of losing him.

So I stayed.. I settled for less then God's best for my life.. I settled for a life I never wanted to live, all because I was afraid of the pain of letting him go... Well, one day I just had enough. And I couldn't do it anymore. At some point you HAVE to say "I love myself more than this!". And you have to just let go, and face the pain of a break-up.

The process that I thought was going to take me forever to get over, really only took a matter of a week. And the reason the process was so short, is because I literally leaned on God to help me through it. This was my process:

Day 1: I cried.. Cried... And cried some more
(All while praying to God for the strength to let go).
Day 2: I stalked his social media pages, I stalked the social media page of a girl I thought he was sleeping with (I know, pretty sad.. But I did it).
Day 3: My heart was still in pain, I still felt a little empty.. I mean 3 days had went by, and I had no communication with him at all. However, I was feeling a little better (Still praying, and asking God for help).
Day 4: I was smiling, and laughing again, no more tears. However, I started feeling rejected. Because of what I found out on Day 2, while I was "stalking". I found out that he was seeing that other girl, and they were spending time together. And although I wanted to call him and confront him about it, I knew he would deny it.. Plus I knew I would have to start my process all over again, and it wasn't worth it. I was making so much headway, I couldn't go back now.
Day 5: I felt FREE! I still felt the rejection, but I didn't feel the need to call him, or text him anymore. I completely erased him from my phone, every text message, every picture, all the social media sites we were linked together on. It was like I was finally able to erase him from my life, like he never existed.
Day 6: I was making plans to go on a vacation with some friends. I went shopping to purchase something really cute to wear, as I had dinner plans with friends and family that night. I was living my life again! FINALLY!! (All awhile, praising God for helping me face one of my greatest fears "The pain of losing someone I loved").
Day 7: Making the decision to never stay in a relationship that doesn't make me happy again. And also making the decision to enjoy my life, for the rest of my life!

The first three days are always the hardest, and that's at anything... Break-up, new diet, new workout plan, and any addiction that you may have. But, I truly believe that if you can get past those first 3 days, your Golden!

Be Good… Live Life… And above all else… Be Unusual!


  1. Awesome. Very well written. I agree with what you are saying. It was hard for me to start a new diet and after I got over that hump I'm now down 34 pounds.


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