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One Year of Prep - Day One

Good Evening Loves!

Okay, so I know this is like number 500 times that I have changed the name of this blog... LOL!! I know - I know... But that's the cool thing about blogs, you can change it up!

So how is everyone? I pray all is well. I'm doing pretty well; my son is out of town for the summer with his father, so that has been amazing. Not having to cook, or clean up after anyone but myself! Yes, thank You Jesus for fathers!

So, a few years ago I felt like the Lord wanted me to take some time off of the dating scene. Like, I needed to spend some time working on me. Well, needless to say I was disobedient, and never stopped dating.

They weren't sexual relationships, but if I didn't want to go to the movies alone, I would call someone up. If I got invited to dinner, I would go. And I never took that time off to really learn to enjoy me. So here we are in 2013, and I feel a strong urge in my spirit again to take time away from dating. And this time I am going to do it!

And guess what... I am bringing you all along for the ride! (Can anyone say "riding shot gun")!?! LMBO

So, today is day one and I'm feeling really good about doing this. This is a time where I get to spend alone with me and God, and not be distracted by text messages, emails, or phone calls from the opposite sex. I will also make it a point to check in with you all, and let you know how things are going. The good, the bad and the super ugly!

I can't promise that I will do a blog every single day, but I will check in as much as possible. :-)

And listen, if anyone wants to take a year off with me, let me know. I will be happy to go on this journey with you.

Now, even though the beginning of this was to take a year off from dating, but it goes so much deeper than that. During this year of preparation, I have some goals that I would like to achieve. So we will be discussing more than just men (or the lack there of) this year. 

I'll be sharing my goals with you over the next few days, so stay tuned...

Okay my loves, until next time Be Good… Live Life… And above all else… Be Unusual!


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